Missed the September intake – The complete January intake guide

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If you miss the September intake for some other reasons such as late results or family business, you can always apply again for January intake. There is a considerable list of reputed UK universities providing courses starting in January.

September is undoubtedly the most popular intake for all study levels from foundation to PhD. However, students are not able to make it in September all the time when their results come out at the end of July or August even. International students also have to go Through a standardised English test which is IELTS to be able to apply for any degree levels in the UK. In the meantime, most UK universities require around IELTS 6.5 from international students to get onto a degree course. This is strict criteria not only from the University in particular, but also from UK Visa and Immigration Office. This results in a lot of you missing your unconditional offer and September intake by 0.5 IELTS or even one component's score is short by 0.5. Some of you have missed the September intake for some Other reasons such as documents taking too much time,However, there's always a way for you to enrol onto your dream course regardless of any problem you are undergoing.

Too low IELTS score - How to still get accepted to a University?

If you did not make it because your IELTS, you always make sure to take UKVI IELTS if you're not confident in your English. This way can save you a whole lot of time and money if your IELTS results turn out to be lower Than University's requirements. You can easily use those results to apply and enrol onto a Pre-sessional English course which last only 3 weeks to 3 months before your degree course. It saves you time to take another IELTS and saves you IELTS exam fees as well as the extra English course can be your self-adaptation time to the UK culture, weather and people. It is the perfect time for you to familiarise with the university campus, how to get around, the shops and the currency. You can have more time to get yourself prepared for academic English and main modules by talking to the lecturers. And most importantly, it's the time you make friends, take part in all those hobby clubs or communities at university.

Missed the September intake? Apply for January intake

If you miss the September intake for some other reasons such as late results or family business, you can always apply again for January intake. There is a expect list of reputed UK students provide courses starting in January.

Why choose January intake?

January intake is not just opportunity for those who have missed the September one. It's also the perfect course for all the international students who would like to start in the next September but have enough for IELTS or not confident in your English. Enrolling in a Pre-sessional course in January can help you prepare for your degree in September.

Subjects to study in January

These universities offer all subjects from Business to Science, Engineering and Arts. If you have unfortunately missed the September take, this is the ideal direction to go for. This intake is available at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

For undergraduate level

You can start your International Foundation course or English preparation course in January to begin your degree in September next year. This also depends on the IELTS you have which will be the benchmark for universities to decide whether you're qualified for the course but majority speaking, you will need IELTS 4.5 to apply for a Foundation course with English preparation module which lasts for 12 months and an IELTS 5.0 to apply for a Foundation course only which lasts for 9 months. If you have IELTS 5.0 already, it's the best and most money-saving option to start your foundation in January. Most popular subjects in January include the majority of Business courses such as Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Banking, Economics and etc; Psychology; Fashion and Textile; Design including Graphic design, Fashion Design; Engineering and Sciences.

If you want to study Business, look for a university that have good subject ranking and more importantly, a network with enterprises either big corporations or SMEs (small and medium enterprises). If you want to study Fashion, Arts and Design, look for good Good teaching quality, good reputation in the industry, auctions and shows and creativity at a University. If you want to study Engineering, look for a university with also good facilities such as Labs, high-tech computer rooms and good research foundation. We have a selection of universities that match those criteria for you:

1.  Birmingham City University

This university is located in the third biggest city in the UK which is extremely international but its tuition fees are surprisingly compared to others. Its Fashion courses are well respected all over the UK.

Optimized fashion design BCU

(Image Credit: Birmingham City University website  ) 

2.  De Montford University

It has one of TOP 10 UK modern universities which is strong at business subjects. It has a big network with local SMEs which you can benefit from during and after your study. This has also been named one of the top 5 best UK fashion and architecture schools for international students.

De monfort architecture courses

(Image Credit: De Monfort University blog ) 

3.  University of Leeds

It is undoubtedly one of the TOP world ranking university which is located in the North East of England. It's perfect for anyone of you who wants to experience British culture and the peacefulness of a British city. It has a gorgeous campus with the best reputation of its students among the North of England which will eventually be beneficial in terms of graduate jobs and internships. Leeds Business School is well-respected not only in the UK but also worldwide.

Leeds career fair min


(Image Credit: Leeds Business School Career Blog  ) 


4.  University of Hull

Hull is known as the capital of culture of England where you can experience the uniqueness of the British life. University of Hull is also one of the TOP 50 UK universities according to The Guardian Ranking 2019. Hull Law School is one of the preferred universities by law firms across the UK.

Hull law min

Hull Law School

(Image Credit: University of Hull  ) 

5. Brunel University

This modern university is located in the centre of London. It's perfect for any of you who like to study in the capital of England. This university is also ideal for business students because of its vast network with SMEs within London where most of the companies' head quarters are based. You can both learn and intern while studying here.

Brunel Business School UKEC

Brunel Business School UKEC

(Image Credit: Brunel Business School  ) 

Masters courses (Postgraduate courses)

Interestingly, a great number of postgraduate courses starting in January have the duration of 16 months instead of 12 months. For instance, some of the engineering and computing courses at The University of Salford starting in January last for 16 months such as MSc Gas Engineering and Management, MSc Data Telecommunication Networks and etc. MBA International Business at Liverpool Hope University January intake also last for 15 months instead of 12 months of the September intake.

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Scholarships available for January intake

The number of courses starting in January is much less than that in September. This might mean you have less options but not significant in terms of the variety of courses. This also means less students apply for this intake and you have less competition in terms of scholarships. For those who had prepared for September intake but missed it for any reasons, you can apply now to study in January and then apply for scholarships. The earlier you apply, the better chance you have to acquire big scholarships from either universities or organisations .

Scholarships in January fluctuate from £600 to 50% of tuition fees. They are also classed in two types: automatic scholarships for international students and scholarships for high achievers.

Automatic scholarships

Automatic scholarships (also called automatic bursaries) for international students are the amount of money that universities will deduct from tuition fees as long as you apply and enroll to study at those universities. This applies for majority of the international students coming from outside the UK and the EU. The amount is looking at from around £600 to £4000 depending on the universities and the subjects you choose to study. The majority of universities offering this type of scholarships offer around £1000 to £2000 worth of bursary a year. High academic background, work experience and any statement. It is granted as soon as you apply.

High-achieving scholarships

This type of scholarships is only available to international students who achieve high academic background with excellent grades and sometimes good extra curriculum. The number of scholarships is also limited. Some universities also apply the early bird policy on their high-achieving scholarships. Either way, you will have applied as early as possible if you're interested in this type of scholarships. We can look at the value of scholarships worth from 25% to 50% of tuition fees. In order to apply for it, you are expected to have already obtained an unconditional offer from the university, then to submit a scholarship statement afterwards. This statement is distinguished from the personal statement you submit to the university at the first place. Need support to write a statement for scholarship application? Click here to leave us your information or join our forum to ask our expert directly.

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The complete list of data offering January intake:

  1. Anglia Ruskin University
  2. Bangor University
  3. Birmingham City University
  4. Brunel University
  5. Cardiff Metropolitan University
  6. Coventry University
  7. De Montford University
  8. Glasgow Caledonian University
  9. University of Lincoln
  10. Northumbria University
  11. Nottingham Trent University
  12. Oxford Brookes University
  13. Robert Gordon University
  14. Sheffield Hallam University
  15. University of Hertfordshire
  16. University of Huddersfield
  17. University of Hull
  18. University of Leeds
  19. University of Portsmouth
  20. University of Salford
  21. University of South wales
  22. University of Stirling
  23. University of West London

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When to apply for January intake?

In order to make it this January, we encourage you to get everything ready and prepared from now on. You can apply for a conditional offer from the university, followed by regular your IELTS, send it off for an unconditional offer, pay your tuition fee. You will spend more time on packing, networking with student societies and watching all the vlogs about what's waiting for you on the other side of the globe.

By the way, check out  our students' vlogs  about life in the UK.  

So, talk to your education counselor for helpful advice and support. If you have not had any support, contact us now by clicking  here  or email us to international@ukec.com to book a free consultation with us. We support you for totally free. We give your a personal experience where you are supported on a 1 to 1 basis. We treasure your choice and your dream so we help you pursue it anyway possible. This way we guarantee you a place at a UK university of your choice. 


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