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Undergraduate Study

The UK is home to several of the best higher education institutions in the world, making for almost a fifth of the world's top 100 universities. Students who study here obtain not only a prestigious education, but also a truly international and culturally enriching experience. It is a great opportunity for students to develop their English language skills, and gain experience that will enable them to stand out in the global employment. Since its establishment in 1999, UKEC has built over 100 successful partnerships with UK universities, colleges and pathway providers, including many in the UK Top 20. Undergraduate applicants with UKEC have access to these connections and application guidance to the institution of their choice.

The UK Education Advantage

Quality education, quality qualifications

The British education system is long-established in producing top-quality research and graduates, hence why UK institutions rank among the best in the world. Students having studied and obtained qualifications in the UK are at a massive advantage from receiving top-notch learning experiences.

Abundance of choices

The UK has over 180 universities and alternative education institutions, 500 schools and 600 boarding schools, giving international students an abundance of choices. At the same time, the UK also has some of the world's highest-ranking universities, and a large selection of courses in a variety of fields. UKEC aims to find the most suitable options tailored to individual goals and interests.

Elite education model

The British education system aims to cultivate creativity, analytical ability and research skills in order to develop students' critical thinking and ability to challenge established concepts, as well as the ability to work together to solve difficult problems. While it is the goal to enhance academic achievements and language skills, students also have the opportunity to practice innovation and independence, giving them a better foundation for their future careers.

Economically efficient

It only takes three years to complete a bachelor's degree in the UK, while it takes four years in most other places. Without that fourth year, a lot of time and money can be saved. Also, with a degree from a UK university, it becomes much easier to progress to a postgraduate course anywhere in the world.

Culture and language

Home of the English language, the UK is therefore the most authentic environment to learn English like a native. Students studying language can concurrently delve into Europe's rich culture and history, and experience first-hand all the local customs.

A progressive society

The UK is in the top 10 largest economies in the world, with improved attitudes towards discrimination and decreasing social unrest. Strict anti-gun laws and effective policing, along with friendly and welcoming locals, make it a suitable place for young students to live and learn.

Geographic links to Europe

Positioned in between Western Europe and Scandinavia, with great transport links to the rest of Europe, studying in the UK is the perfect opportunity to broaden your horizons and get to know the continent better. From 2014 onwards, the UK government has launched a series of new visa policies, aimed at giving students and their parents easier travel and greater benefits.

Work experience opportunities

As a student in the UK, you are allowed to work up to 20 hours part time weekly and receive the same rights as full-time employees. Career Services at UK universities also provide abundant support and connections to internships for establishing your graduate career later on. The experience you gain besides your academic qualifications make you an even more attractive candidate for employment in a competitive job market.

Basic requirements before you apply

Language proficiency

Undergraduate study requires IELTS 6 and above; Prep courses require IELTS 4.5 and above. Consult advisors about alternative English language tests.

Previous education

Completed A-Levels or equivalent with satisfactory grades (average of 70+ on 100-points system).


Sufficient funds to cover tuition fees (approx. £16,000 per annum) and living costs (approx. £8,500-£10,000 per annum).

Application Timeline

Undergraduate Application Pathways


Course introduction:

Due to differences between the UK education system and those of other countries, many overseas students are usually required to do university preparatory courses prior to undergraduate level of study. Courses are a combination of academic study in a broad subject stream (Arts, Science, etc), English language training, study skills and British culture induction completed between 6 months to a year. These lessons aim to familiarise international students with the British education methodology so they won't fall behind their British peers, and to ensure students obtain the entry requirements for their university courses.

Eligibility Criteria: 

1, IETLS 5+ (students with lower results can take pre-sessional English courses)

2, Age 17+

3, Completed O/A-Level or equivalent, with good conduct, clear study objectives,
        and satisfactory grades

Basic documents required:

1, Official school/college certificate and final transcript

2,IETLS test report


Course introduction:

The Advanced Level (A-Level) qualifications are the most commonly accepted form of entry to progress to any higher education in the UK. Based on the grades obtained and the subject choice, students gain direct entry to the undergraduate course of their choice. A minimum of three subjects is required which is equivalent to having completed the final two years of secondary education or college in one's home country.

Eligibility Criteria:

1, IELTS 4.5+ (students with lower results can take pre-sessional English courses)

2,Age 16+

3, Passed the interview and British college entrance exam with satisfactory grades

Top-up Course

Course introduction:

Top-up courses are for students who have completed a course at a technical college in one's home country. The student can obtain a Bachelor's degree in the UK by completing the final year of a UK undergraduate course. If they so choose, they can then progress onto an integrated Master's degree as well. This option is only available at certain institutes and for select courses.

Eligibility Criteria:

1, IETLS 6+ (students with lower results can take pre-sessional English courses).

2, Completed a 3-year-minimum technical college course.

3, Applying for the same subject as previously completed in technical college.

Basic documents required:

1,Graduates: Official college graduation certificate and final transcript.

2, Pre-graduates: Study Confirmation document and latest transcript.

3, Letter of recommendation.

4, IETLS test report.

Intercalated Degree

Course introduction:

For students who have already completed one to two years in their current university, they can apply directly to do the remainder of their study in the UK. For example, 2 years in current university and 2 years in UK university or 3 years in current university and 1 year in UK university. Students also receive qualifications from both institutions. This option is only available at certain institutes and for select courses.

Eligibility Criteria:

1, 1.Pre-sessional courses: Currently in either second or third year of college, with an
        average 70-85 points.

2, Undergraduate courses: Completed English pre-sessional courses OR first or second
        year university students with grade average of 80+ points.

UK Undergraduate Application Service Process

Initial Consultation

Building the student's profile for optimal institution choice with your personal Education Consultant


Courses Evaluation

Expert guidance and advice on best course options tailored to your preferences


Study plan

Application strategy and plan to help students make the best decision


Document Check

UKEC provides a verification service for all documents collected prior to submission


Application Submission

UKEC aims to submit your application within a day


Application Tracking

Students' application progress is monitored and UKEC personnel communicates with the university on students' behalf


Application for UK Visa

UKEC supplies guidance and detailed information on visa application and other pre-travel preparation



Free airport pick-up service and transfer to accommodation

Study in the UK, it's easier than you think.

Through our partnerships with over 100 UK universities, UKEC can help you find the best Pre-University application course to suit your needs. Our years of expertise in helping students means we can find the right course for you. We will help you examine all of our options and support you all the way to your dream education.

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