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Weekly University News - Clearing | Studying Remotely

Time:2021-08-13 19:29:19


This is weekly UK university news by UKEC. This week we've gathered updates regarding Clearing vacancies and policies of studying remotely this year.

Hi UKEC folks, 

Since the results of A-level finally came out earlier this week, it is obviously the season of Clearing.

As you know, Clearing is a great way students can find an alternative place at university. Some universities already closed their vacancies but some recently opened. Scroll down to find out which great universities that you can apply for through Clearing, 

Also, remember to read until the end since we have updates on studying remotely policies for applicants at University of Cardiff. 

<University of York>

If you are thinking of applying through Clearing, you can vacancies for each subject on their official website. Some courses have limited vacancies and places can fill up fast. So please bear in mind that their availability may change.

If have any questions regarding the Clearing process, you can reach them via channels below: 

However, if you need further supports with your UK university application and student visa, don't forget to contact us on either WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook. 

<University of Essex>

Clearing at University of Essex is open on both UCAS and their official website. You can find a wealth of information and advice on their website  as well as step-by-step instructions on what to do after you have applied. 

Let us know if you have any questions regarding University of Essex! 

<University of Manchester>

Unfortunately, The University of Manchester confirmed that they will not have any Clearing vacancies for 2021 entry due to high volume of applications from both Home and International students. This clearly shows that the growing popularity of The University of Manchester. 

We understand that this will cause considerable disappointment for some applicants. However, please remember that there are other options for you to browse. If you’d like to know the list of universities which you can apply for Clearing, please get in touch with us. 

<University of Cardiff>

University of Cardiff acknowledge that a lot of students wish to continue their studies remotely and delay their arrival on campus due to the uncertainty caused by the ongoing pandemic. 

However, you must ensure that you are in the UK before the ‘latest arrival date’ specified in your CAS letter. For courses starting on 27 September, the latest date you will be allowed to commence your studies on campus is 25 October, regardless of when the remote study request is made.

Any required quarantine should also be completed by this date.

Applying for a remote start:

  • Complete Online Enrollment on their official website (opens 3 weeks before course start date)
  • Request a remote start in SIMS
  • Requests should ideally be made before the start of the programme, to avoid missing out on online study materials
  • The last date to make remote study requests will be 11 October 2021.

This is what we've prepared for this week. We truly hope this helps and you find the right university that you'll be happy with. Then see you until we come back with other university news next week!