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Weekly University News - Studying Remotely | Quarantine Supports

Time:2021-08-28 00:20:24


This is Weekly UK University News by UKEC

Hi UKEC folks, 

As you all already know, Covid-19 has brought a lot of changes to our lives. It has also affected how universities deliver teaching as well. 

This week, we've summarised each university's studying remotely policy for students who can't travel until the course starting date and financial quarantine supports for international students. 

<University of Sheffield>

University of Sheffield has confirmed that remote teaching will now be available for the majority of our courses due to delays and disruptions with travel policies. 

However, for some courses which include clinical placements or practical training, or for professional accreditation reasons, remote attendance will not be possible and should students not be able to travel to the UK they may need to request a deferral.

The courses not eligible for remote teaching are including:


  • General Engineering with a Foundation Year MEng (Hons) (H101)
  • Civil and Structural Engineering with a Foundation Year BEng/MEng (H201)
  • Mechanical Engineering with a Foundation Year BEng/MEng (H301)
  • Aerospace Engineering with a Foundation Year BEng/MEng (H407)
  • Bioengineering with a Foundation Year BEng/MEng (H160)

Medicine, Dentistry and Health

  • Medicine MBChB (A100)
  • Graduate Entry Medicine MBChB (A101)
  • Dental Surgery (A200) (DENU07, DENU107)
  • Bio-dental Science and Technology (B750)

Social Sciences

  • Educational and Child Psychology (EDUR136, EDUR138)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education (EDUT207, EDUT199)
  • Broadcast Journalism MA (JNLT06)
  • Journalism MA (JNLT07)

and the list goes on. For the full list, please contact us now! 

<University of Swansea>

Due to travel restrictions or covid-related issues, University of Swansea allow students to enrol and engage with their programmes online, and then come back to the campus when they are able to. Once students arrive, they can move to in-person learning and teaching or research.

At University of Swansea, there is a small number of programmes for which an online start is not possible, including:

Arts and Humanities

  • Humanities DACE

Science and Engineering 

  • Advanced Manufacturing Engineering - Coleg Cambra
  • Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Foundation - Coleg Cambria
  • Aeronautical and Manufacturing Engineering - Coleg Cambria
  • Applied Software Engineering
  • Chemistry

Health Science and Medicine

  • Basic Audiological Practice
  • Community Health Studies Specialist Practice Award for Community Children's Nursing
  • Community Health Studies Specialist Practice Award in District Nursing
  • Enhanced Paramedic Practice

and the list goes on. For the full list, please contact us now! 

<Royal Holloway>

Royal Holloway is providing a financial support package to international (including EU) students who are arriving in the UK to start or continue their studies in the academic year; this includes hotel quarantine costs of up to £1,500 for those travelling from Red List countries, and up to £150 on PCR tests for any new and continuing students who require testing to enter the UK. 

The travel window for claims is 11 June to 15 October, and all claims and receipts must be received within four weeks of arriving in the UK. Please note that only paper claims will be accepted; unfortunately the university will not be unable to accept electronic copies of the form.

More information on eligibility and applying can be found 


<University of Leicester>

Wherever students are travelling from, University of Leicester is offering a range of support services during their arrivals process this September. 

  • Green: If students are travelling from, or through, only Green listed countries, students are welcome to book a seat on their Airport Collection Service at no extra cost. 
  • Amber: Students who choose to stay in University-managed accommodation during Term, will be welcome to move into their room up to ten days early at no extra cost. For students choosing private Term accommodation, this quarantine accommodation will be available on a nightly charge. 
  • Red: Students travelling from Red List countries will need to book UK Government recognised hotel accommodation. To support international students, The university is offering a refund on Government quarantine hotel costs of up to a maximum of £2,285. 

This is it from us. 

We'll be back next week with other university updates. 

Until then, remember, UK education is UKEC.