Weekly University News

Time:2020-08-27 23:06:45


This week's university news concerning international students.

Course Start Update 

Royal Holloway, University of London (RHUL) 

Please note the deadline for registration for the September 2020 intake is 21 September 2020.  

Pre-sessional Language Programme 

The University of Leeds 

The university is planning an 8-week pre-sessional English programme for students due to start their courses in January 2021.  

Programme duration: 19 October – 11 December 2020 

Teaching method: online 

Entry requirements: Refer to the 10-week PSE programme, although the results of Duolingo and other online language tests will NOT be considered.  

How to apply: Through the Agent Portal/ Application Portal 

Note: The programme is currently in preparation and is not open for application. But please leave ample time for sorting application documents and submit the application in time. The university will send updates once the programme is open for application.  


Royal Holloway, University of London (RHUL) 

For courses starting in January 2021, the university offers 4-week, 8-week, and 12-week PSE programmes. Visit the university website for details.  


Admissions and Course Entry 

The University of Nottingham 

Application review stages for the following courses:  

MSc Accounting and Finance 

MSc Banking and Finance 

MSc Finance and Investment 

Stage 1 (Tier 1 VISA holders): 24 August – 28 September 2020 

Stage 2 (Non-Tier 1 VISA holders): 26 October – 20 November 2020 

Stage 3: 8 February – 22 February 2021 


Application review stages for the following course: 

MSc Business Analytics 

Stage 1: 8 July – 28 September 2020 

Stage 2: 26 October – 30 November 2020 

Stage 3: 8 February – 22 February 2021 


Note: The dates may change according to circumstances, in which case, the university will send notifications. 

Students wishing to defer their courses to 2021 and have met the deferral criteria may do so by paying the deposit without resubmitting the request.  


University of Southampton 

The following PG courses for January 2021 intake are now open for application, with the application deadline on 30 September 

MA Global Advertising and Branding 

MA Fashion Management 

MA Global Media Management 

MA Fashion Marketing and Branding 

MA Communication Design 


MSc Accounting and Finance 

MSc Accounting and Management 

MA Human Resource Management 

MSc International Management 

MSc Finance 

MSc Business Analytics and Management Sciences 

MSc Business Analytics and Finance 

MSc Project Management 

MSc Risk Management 

MSc Risk and Finance 

MSc Business Strategy and Innovation Management 

MSc Supply Chain Management 

MSc Entrepreneurship and Management 

MSc Education 

MSc Education Practice and Innovation 

MSc Education Management and Leadership 

MA English Literary Studies 

MA Global Literary Industries Management 

MSc Business and Heritage Management 

MA International Music Management 

MA Film and Cultural Management 

MA Film Studies 

MA Design Management 

MA Luxury Brand Management 

MA Fine Art 

IFY Courses 

Pre-Masters Programmes 

MBA Course 


The University of Manchester 

Apart from the Faculties of Biology Medicine and Health and Science and Engineering, the latest start date stated on CAS for all other courses is 1 February 2021.  


Birmingham City University 

Refer to the following table for the dates for CAS and enrolment:  



Teaching starts 

Last CAS date 

Engage in Studies Deadline 

Latest Enrolment/ Arrival Date 

September 2020 - Others 

07/ 09/ 2020 






All the grades for clearing are now released, with an average of CCC. For all the courses for clearing, visit the university website 

Courses which can accept Third Class/ OD 

Programmes Length 

Programme Fee (GBP) 

MSc Management and International Business 

15 months 


MBA International 

18 months 



University of Edinburgh 

The university is processing the CAS applications for students arriving on campus at the standard time for the Autumn intake. Students may upload their passport when they arrive on campus.  

For students who have received their draft CAS but won’t be able to arrive on campus before November:  

The university will update the latest arrival date on CAS, which allows a 6-month window for students to decide whether they arrive in the first term or the second term. Students must ensure full participation in the first term remotely, otherwise, their CAS will be withdrawn.  

For students who have confirmed the receipt of their CAS and the finalised version of UKVI but will not be able to arrive on campus before November:  

The university will update the latest arrival date on CAS through sponsor note; students then may decide whether to arrive in the first term or the second term.  

Note: If students cannot arrive before November, do not apply for the VISA with the old CAS. The university will start sending details to students from October.   


Life on Campus and Logistics 

Royal Holloway, University of London (RHUL) 

The university will host online pre-arrival briefings 

Friday 4 September, 10 AM (UK) 

Wednesday 9 September, 3 PM (UK) 

Offer holders will receive relevant details from the university shortly.   


King's College London (KCL) 

The university has released FAQ regarding student accommodation and kcl.ac.uk/accommodation/residences-covid-19-updates" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener" style="color: rgb(77, 128, 191);">Residences & Self-isolation Policies