Frequently asked questions about UKEC

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This article answers all your questions about UKEC and how our services work as well as what you can do to apply to UK universities with us.

Have you got any doubts, confusion or questions about UKEC? Below are some frequently asked questions and our answers to those for you!


  1. What is UKEC?

UKEC is the largest education agency in the UK with over 120 partner universities, colleges and language schools

For more information about UKEC, click here.

2. What does UKEC do?

UKEC works to assist students in applying to British universities.

3. What is the Totally Free Package?

The totally free package offers consultations to find the course and university that suits your needs. We have experienced education advisors specialised in helping you find the perfect course. Next, we will assist you in the preparation of all the documents that are required to apply to the chosen university(s). Once you have received an unconditional offer, we will support you in your visa application. We do also provide you with support for your accommodation application if you require so.

4. Why is it free?

We work as an agency specialising in promoting universities. Therefore, we are paid by the universities to help and assist international students apply to a wide range of our client universities and institutes all across the UK.


5. When are our services not free?

Our services are not free when you:

(i) Are applying to a non-partner university (To find out how many partnered universities we have, click here)

(ii) Are applying for a short-term/visitor visa

(iii) Have already gotten your conditional offer and would like to use our extended services such as personal statement proofreading, visa and accommodation application services


6. How do I apply with UKEC?

To apply you can either click on the “Apply Online” button on the top right of the website and fill in the form.

Alternatively, you can contact UKEC via e-mail at international@ukec.com. One of our education advisors will respond within 24 hours to assist you.

You can also start a live chat below to enquire! Simply click on the red icon at the bottom right icon at the end of the page.

Want to contact us via WhatsApp or phone? Click the icons on the bottom right for our contact details!

7. How long will it take for me to receive an offer?

It may take around 5 days to 3 weeks for you to receive an offer. This depends on the time of the year and whether the university admission team has plenty of workloads. The fastest time you can expect an offer is 3 days. Our team has contacts with the university and will follow up with the university admission team to ensure you receive your offer as fast as possible!!

8. Are we qualified visa advisors?

Our visa team consists of Level 1 OISC visa advisors that have taken over 40,000 cases of student visas and visitor visas. There are many overseas study-abroad agencies that do not have this qualification, therefore causing visa rejection for students because of the lack of trained knowledge by these other study-abroad agencies.   

If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us via email at international@ukec.com. We look forward to receiving your inquiry.        


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