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UKEC launches new franchise project with first office in Kuwait

Time:2020-06-19 00:03:02


UKEC launches new franchise project with first office in Kuwait

Over the last eight months we have been working hard to cement and develop our position in the international market as one of the leading student recruiters to UK universities. Alongside our continued operations in the UK, China, Ireland, and Malaysia, we are now excited to announce the opening of our first franchise office, UKEC International: Kuwait. 

Our new Kuwaiti office offers you unrivalled access to the region’s thriving market, leveraging the knowledge of in-country experts, all under the internationally recognised UKEC brand. In recent years we have continued to increase our recruitment from the MENA region, with Kuwait emerging as a leading market. With UKEC International: Kuwait our new bricks and mortar presence ensures we can deepen our links in-country whilst widening the reach of our recruitment to bring you more high-quality students.  

UKEC International: Kuwait represents only the first step in our international expansion over the coming months, and we are already hard at work on bringing two further, brand new, international in-country offices to you. More details on these will be announced due course, rounding out phase one of our franchise project for 2020. These will sit under the new UKEC International brand as seen below, with each office name taking the form of UKEC International, followed by the name of the region.

If you would like more information about UKEC International: Kuwait at this stage please contact Tom Pinder, UKEC Strategic Business Development Manager, on tom.pinder@ukec.com. As the franchise establishes its more day-to-day operation our Operations Manager: Overseas, Kelly Kuang, will become your main contact, alongside direct communication with the office in Kuwait itself. Please note that with Kelly’s change of role from Partnerships Manager to Overseas Manager she is now only reachable via email on kelly@ukec.com.   

We have franchised a company we have known for number of years and with whom we have an excellent relationship. As we look to expand the depth and reach of our recruitment in the area we felt a franchise model perfectly suited our needs in terms of developing a bricks and mortar operation in new, key regions and at the same time being to capitalise on the experience and expertise of those who know the region extremely well and have enjoyed great success in it in previous years. Kuwait was identified as a strong and growing market that made sense to use as the launch pad for the project. We have seen a consistent upward trend in Kuwaiti interest in pursuing UK HE over the past couple of years, for a variety of factors, and having spoken with a number of UK institutions we know that this is an important market for many, both emerging and established. 

As things settle, for universities things won’t appear to change all that much. You will continue to receive UKEC students in the way you always have, as we have worked to give the franchise partners full access to the same training and systems used by the core UKEC offices. In the early stages, we are in close dialogue with them to ensure things run as smoothly as possible, and over time you will be able to engage with them directly, but with oversight still from us to ensure the consistency of service you have come to expect from UKEC. 

Once the world returns to normal (or establishes the new normal!) we will be also welcoming our partners to visit this new office and we would love to work with you on any operations in Kuwait where we can support one another. These may be existing events that your institution or UKEC have in the calendar, or equally we would always be open to explore new opportunities working together in the region. 

Kuwait is just the first of three franchises we are looking to launch in 2020, with two more to follow in due course. We’ve worked closely with legal professionals and key individuals here in the UK to ensure we’ve got a really tight, strong template we can roll out across multiple regions, that at the same time recognises the cultural and legal differences inherent in specific territories.

We look forward to sharing the future successes of this exciting expansion with you.

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