Weekly University Updates

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Covering university updates of the week, everything concerning international students and offer holders

Course Start Updates

The University of Exeter

Visit the university website to see the list of the postgraduate courses beginning in October 2020 and January 2021.  

Lancaster University

The Autumn intake begins on 2 October 2020, with the teaching starting from 5 October.

University of Lincoln

Campus-based courses start on 12 October, with the latest registration on 26 October. Students are advised to take the 2-week quarantine requirements into consideration. 

30 courses at the university are now open for applications for Spring intake 2021. The courses start on 15 February, with an option of a 5-week or 10-week pre-sessional language programme. For details, visit the university website.  

Loughborough University

To all offer holders for courses due to start in September 2020: If they would like to start the course in January 2021 instead, they are required to submit the request form by 31 August 2020. Access the forms here: 

Loughborough Campus
London Campus

Heriot-Watt University

The Autumn intake will start on 14 September, with the induction week starting from 7 September 2020. The university will adopt the Responsive Blended Learning method to deliver courses to students in the UK, Dubai, and Malaysia. Students can choose to start their courses on campus or remotely. 

University of Birmingham

All the courses due to start in September will begin as scheduled; students with an unconditional offer can now apply for CAS.  

An option of January course start for the following postgraduate courses are now available, the courses will start on 22 January: 


MSc International Business

MSc Human Resource Management

MSc Human Resource Management - CIPD

MSc Money Banking and Finance

MSc International Money and Banking

MSc Advanced Computer Science

MSc Computer Science

MSc Advanced Mechanical Engineering

MA Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

Masters in Public Administration

Masters in Public Administration - Finance

Masters in Public Administration - Human Resources

MSc Financial Engineering

Offer holders of the courses above are required to submit a deposit of £2,000 to secure their place. Application for the January intake will be open in mid-August. 

Scholarship Opportunities

University of Exeter

The university is offering £2,000 Global Commitment Scholarships to students due to begin their Postgraduate Taught courses in September/ October 2020 and January 2021 (excluding non-standard courses and courses provided by other partner organisations). 

The scholarship is applicable for 1 year and can be combined with other scholarships. 

Pre-sessional Language Programme

University of Exeter

The 6-week and 10-week pre-sessional language programmes for students starting their courses in January 2021 is now open for registration. Deadlines for application are 12 September for the 6-week programme and 14 September for the 10-week programme. Entry requirements can be viewed here

Admissions and Course Entry

Cardiff University

The university has extended the deadline for submitting deposits to 3 September 2020; all place holders will receive relevant updates at the end of July. 

A deposit must be paid prior to CAS application. Click the link to view the guidance to paying a deposit. 

University of Surrey

The university starts releasing CAS  this week and will contact applicants with the following requests: 

  1. Resubmit the CAS request form even if they have previously submitted one, given their local VISA application centre is open and the students can see available flights in September. 

  2. Submit their CAS request form as soon as possible given their local VISA application centre is open and the students can see available flights in September.

  3. CAS will be released in two weeks upon receiving the request form. 

Please ensure: 

  1. The accuracy of all the detailed information provided, especially the travel history

  2. A passport photo scan in colour is included

  3. To inform the university to update their CAS details upon receiving their CAS

University of Lincoln

Requirements for undergraduate clearing: 

Foundation Year (4 years CAS with main program): UCAS 32-96, accepting applicants from year 2 and 3 of high school. 

Direct entry to year 1: IB 26-28, A-Level CCC/BCC, UCAS 88-104, preparatory education group 50%/ 55%. For more details, visit the university site.  

Requirements for postgraduate clearing:

Courses requiring an average of 80% (2:1) > now an average of 70% (2:2)

Courses requiring an average of 70% (2:2) > now an average of 60% (3rd)

No adjustments for courses requiring an average of 60% (3rd)

Loughborough University

Students who would like to apply for courses starting in January 2021 are required to submit their applications by 23 November 2020. 

The following MBA courses (including 1-year and 2-year with internship) will start in January 2021: 

Loughborough Campus: 

MSc Automotive Engineering

MSc International Business

MSc Management

MSc Marketing

MSc Advanced Chemical Engineering

MSc Advanced Chemical Engineering with Information Technology and Management

MA Digital Media and Society

MA Global Media and Cultural Industries

MA Media and Cultural Analysis

MA Social Media and Political Communication

MA Strategic Communication

MSc Environmental Monitoring, Research and Management

MSc International Financial and Political Relations

MSc Advanced Materials Science and Engineering

MSc Telecommunications Engineering

London Campus: 

MSc Design Innovation

MSc Digital Marketing

MSc Diplomacy, Business and Trade

MSc Diplomacy and International Governance

MSc Security, Peace-building and Diplomacy

MA Global Communication and Development

MSc Managing Innovation in Creative Organisations

MA Media and Creative Industries

MSc International Management

MSc Sport Marketing

University of Birmingham

Most of the courses at the university are now in the clearing application stage. The details can be found on the university official site.  

Foundation Year Programmes in the following fields are now accepting application: 

  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Pathway

  • Social Sciences, Business and Law Pathway

Life on Campus and Logistics

Durham University

In light of the latest quarantine requirements for arrivals from certain countries, the university suggested the following arrival dates for international students: 

For those requiring a 2-week quarantine: Saturday 12 September or Sunday 13 September 2020

For those who don’t need a quarantine: Monday 21 September or Tuesday 22 September 2020

Students staying in the university dormitory are guaranteed free accommodation during the quarantine. It is advisable to arrange their flights as early as possible. 

Lancaster University

The university has suggested the following arrival dates for international students: 

If a 2-week quarantine is required: from 14 September onward

If a quarantine is not required: 19-27 September 2020

All new students - arriving on campus by 2 October or starting the course online - are required to complete online registration by 16 October 2020. 

The university provides free shuttle service from the airport to the campus for students arriving between 14 September 2020 to 8 January 2021. Students can sign up online

The university will provide free accommodation for students who require a 2-week quarantine, from 14 September until 28 September. 

University for the Creative Arts

Guidance on accepting offers of accommodation: 

Once the application is successful and a room has been allocated, the student needs to pay £300 deposit within a week to reserve the room. If the room is no longer required, the student needs to inform the university at least 2 weeks prior to the initiation of contract in writing, the deposit will be refunded. 

Students who require a 2-week quarantine may check in to their accommodation 2 weeks prior to the formal start date of their accommodation agreement without any charge. This is only applicable when the student arrives within 2 weeks before the formal start date. 

The university has extended the registration duration to 7 days; all students are required to follow the arrival date booked with the university beforehand. Students may also request beddings and kitchen appliances during the booking. 

Important dates to note: 

Manchester Metropolitan University

The university has extended the deadline for accommodation application to 26 August 2020; students are advised to submit their application before this date to secure a place for the first year. 

In case the quarantine regulation continues in September, students may arrive prior to the start date of their accommodation agreement (12 September 2020) up to 14 days without extra charge. If students arrive after the start date of the agreement, a fee will be incurred by a ratio from the arrival date on the campus. 

University of Birmingham

The induction week for international students will start from 21 September 2020, and students of Foundation Year and undergraduate programmes are advised to arrive on the campus in September and no later than 31 October 2020. 

The university has released information about VISA application, learning and teaching schedules for the new term, arrival, and Health and Safety advice.  

Free accommodation will be provided for students who need a 2-week quarantine upon arrival. The university will arrange free shuttle service for students arriving at Heathrow Airport and Birmingham Airport from 5-21 September 2020. 

In partnership with Key Travel, the university invites students to reserve their flights online.  

Language Proficiency Requirement Updates

University of Lincoln

The online language programme and courses with direct entry accept Duolingo results as proof of language proficiency. As of 14 July, both the overall scores and subscores need to meet the respective requirements.