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How to survive during exam season

Time:2020-01-09 00:09:17


Here are some tips about how to manage your time, revision, and cope with stress, which will help you survive in the exam season.

Are you scratching your head, skipping your meals (but somehow always have time for Facebook and YouTube), or spending sleepless nights anxious and stressed? Say goodbye to your holiday, exam season is coming!

This is one time when you really need to do your best, otherwise, it might undermine all the effort you have made during the last few months. However, even many brilliant students will find it is difficult to manage the time, cope with the stress of the exam, and meet their assignment deadlines at the end of the holiday.

Here are some tips about how to manage your time, revision, and cope with stress, which will help you survive in the exam season. 

Stop procrastinating

Procrastination is the art of putting off until later what you could (and probably should) do right now. It's a common problem for students and probably one of the most common reasons for poor performance during exams. Sure, what can be done today can also be done tomorrow or day after tomorrow. However, starting earlier can always help you to leave more time for preparation. If you want to do well on exams studying needs to be the most important thing you do. Start as soon as you wake up in the morning: open your book, grab your flashcards, open your laptop. The best way to ensure the first thing you do is study when you wake in the morning is to have everything ready before you go to sleep.

Structure your time and set small goals

A good timetable will help you to structure your time. You can structure your time into different blocks, each block is around two hours. Then you can set different tasks and goals for each time block. Once you achieve your goal within the time, you can have a little break as a reward. In this way, you will make use of time more efficiently.

Join a study group

It is always a good idea to take part in a study group with your friends and classmates. You will find they can help you understand ideas that you would not clearly understand alone. Likewise, you can also assist them through your insight, and often explaining something to someone else is the best way to understand it yourself. This is a win-win situation, as long as you are all committed to getting the most out of the study session.

Manage your stress

It is really normal to feel under extra stress and pressure during exam season. However, it is very important to cope with your stress because you should be in the best condition to meet the exam. If you feel too much pressure, you can give yourself a short break. Listening to music or watching some movies which you like can help you relieve the stress. A good break is as important as your revision, as this will allow time for your brain to rest, and the knowledge to be absorbed.

If you still feel struggling and anxious, asking for help is never shameful. When struggling, talk to friends, family, or your personal tutor about how you are feeling. Alternatively, don't be afraid to seek professional help and support and utilise the mental health provisions at your institution.

Eat, sleep and exercise well

Pulling all-nighters, surviving on a poor diet, and getting minimal amounts of movement into your day can increase symptoms of anxiety. For your body's best performance, make sure you're getting 8/9 hours of sleep, enough slow-release carbs, less caffeine and more water, and at least half an hour of exercise per day. Please remember, exams are important, but you are so much more than your exam results.

Believe in yourself

When being constantly faced with new challenges, we often forget to look back at how far we have come and how much we have already achieved. Given that you have prepared well, there should be no reason for you to worry. Therefore, when experiencing a negative thought, try to replace it with a positive one. For example, instead of thinking 'If I don't get at least a 2:1, I am a failure', think 'Whatever I get, I will be proud of myself and value how much I have already achieved'. You can do this!

I know the exam season might be a tough time for you and you will meet many different challenges. However, if you prepare well, study hard, and make time for yourself, you give yourself the best possible chance of achieving the success you’ve dreamed of.  

Good luck, everyone!